Rack Cards


Use rack cards to showcase your business or event and promote irresistible offers.  Sized at 4×9 inches, rack cards are portable for your audience while being large enough to include all the pertinent details.  Order your rack cards to start sharing your message.


What are Rack Cards?

Rack cards generally refer to 4″ x 9″ printed cards that are used to promote a specific company, business, or service. Many hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and other high-traffic locations will display rack cards featuring businesses that they feel their guests might be interested in. Some businesses may even print rack cards for their most popular features and services and display them at their counters or front desks.

Because many rack card displays feature dozens of competing businesses, it’s important that the copy and design of rack cards be bold, colorful, and attention-getting. Many companies choose to print coupons and discounts on their rack cards as an extra incentive for people to pick them up and keep them.

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